3 Underrated Rock Bands You Need to Listen To

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Rock music has produced many iconic bands over the years, but there are also hidden gems that deserve more recognition. The Parlor Mob from New Jersey offers a unique blend of classic rock with modern influences. Rival Sons from California draw inspiration from legendary bands like Led Zeppelin. The Struts bring glam rock back into the spotlight with their glamorous style and infectious energy. While these bands may not be mainstream, they have dedicated fan bases and critical acclaim. Their music can be found on streaming platforms, and fans should stay updated on their websites and social media for upcoming projects.

3 Underrated Rock Bands You Need to Listen To

3 Underrated Rock Bands You Need to Listen To


Rock music has been a driving force in the music industry for decades. While many iconic rock bands have gained widespread recognition and garnered massive fan bases, there are also some hidden gems that deserve your attention. In this article, we will highlight three underrated rock bands that you must listen to.

The First Band: The Parlor Mob

Hailing from New Jersey, The Parlor Mob delivers a unique blend of classic rock with modern influences. Their energetic performances and soulful vocals have gained them a devoted following. Songs like “Hard Times,” “Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down,” and “Everything You’re Breathing For” showcase their powerful sound and passionate lyrics. If you enjoy rock bands with a touch of blues and a whole lot of attitude, The Parlor Mob is a band you shouldn’t miss.

The Second Band: Rival Sons

Originating from California, Rival Sons is a breath of fresh air in the modern rock scene. Drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, they infuse their music with a timeless quality. Rival Sons’ distinctive sound can be heard in tracks such as “Pressure and Time,” “Open My Eyes,” and “Electric Man.” Their dynamic performances and remarkable musicianship make them a must-listen for any rock enthusiast.

The Third Band: The Struts

With their glamorous style and infectious energy, The Struts bring a touch of glam rock back into the spotlight. This British band has been praised for their high-energy live performances and catchy anthems. Songs like “Could Have Been Me,” “Body Talks,” and “Kiss This” showcase their knack for creating unforgettable rock tunes that will make you want to dance and sing along. If you crave a modern take on classic rock with a dash of glam, The Struts are the band to check out.


1. Are these bands relatively unknown?

While The Parlor Mob, Rival Sons, and The Struts may not have reached the mainstream popularity of some well-known rock bands, they have developed a dedicated fan base and received critical acclaim for their music.

2. What genre do these bands fall into?

All three bands share a foundation in rock music but incorporate various subgenres. The Parlor Mob leans towards a mix of classic and blues-rock, Rival Sons embraces a classic rock sound, and The Struts bring elements of glam rock to the table.

3. Where can I listen to their music?

Their music is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also purchase their albums from online music stores or support them by attending their live shows.

4. Any upcoming projects or tours?

It’s always worthwhile to keep an eye on each band’s official websites and social media pages for announcements regarding new projects, tours, and upcoming releases. They often update their fans with the latest news and information.


If you’re tired of the same old rock music and craving something fresh, these three underrated rock bands deserve a spot on your playlist. The Parlor Mob, Rival Sons, and The Struts offer a wide range of styles, from blues-infused rock to classic and glam rock. Give them a listen, and you might just discover your new favorite band.